2019-10-30 14.23.07

Do you prepare tax returns?

Unfortunately, no, as I prefer working with my clients throughout the year. Due to the intensity of tax preparation time, I find I can’t realistically do bookkeeping and prepare tax returns.

Do I have to use a program like QuickBooks for my accounting?

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting product for small businesses and is fairly easy to use. Occasionally, a business is so small or has so few transactions that the books can be kept on an Excel spreadsheet (or even in a manual bookkeeping register!). I prefer QuickBooks because it is fairly universal, interfaces with many other software programs, and is used by most tax preparers in the area. However, I do have a couple of clients who use Excel spreadsheets to maintain their financial records.

I already have someone who does bookkeeping but I would like to have an accountant review the work. Do you do that?

Yes, I can help with bank and balance sheet account reconciliations at month-end, audit preparation, generating financial statements for external audiences, or other accounting functions.